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Me too Junpei, me too.


"No, I’m not going to take some of Spongebob’s pics down to make room for your drawing— that’d be ridiculous. Go put it somewhere else. Share it online for all I care. Just get it out of my sight.”

*laughs* … *cries*

have you heard the news about Korra? Apparently the tv airing will be cancelled after friday and moved solely to digital. Sudden tv hiatus crap, bryke will talk about it at sdcc but they dont seem happy. Nickelodeon just needs to reset their whole marketing division because the screw ups are going too far.



So, I had a feeling they’d be pushing Korra digitally, because:

  • they waited until the entire season was in the can (while typically in animation, the last episodes are still being worked on when then season starts airing)
  • there’s been some weirdness going on with their digital licensing, especially with iTunes
  • LOK’s ratings have been pretty low in Book 2/3, but their digital ratings seem to be consistently high, from what I’ve heard?
  • last season, they did that early online pilot thing for the finale, as if testing the waters

I actually think this is a step in the right direction so far as broadcasting is concerned. TV stations are coming to realize their model is outdated, and moving to digital on-demand content is the way of the future. Honestly, it’s the way of 5 years ago, and the big networks are still struggling to catch up.

HOWEVER, in many respects, it sucks that Korra is being put through this, because piloting new airing methods will always come with its share of issues, and I’m concerned about how this will impact people outside the US, etc. I’m interested to hear more about this at SDCC.

Honestly, though, if this means I’ll be able to pay to support LoK directly and get the episode legally, I’ll be pretty happy with this. And pirates will be pirates, so folks without TV who don’t want to (or can’t) pay will still be able to access it the usual ways.

The current network model of TV is far overdue for an overhaul.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, Nick has fumbled Korra from the beginning, and I have concerns that it’s not currently strong enough to bear the weight of a pilot project on its shoulders. Book 3 has been mismanaged so horribly.

This is how I’m guessing SDCC was supposed to go: air episode 1, say “it’s available digitally only, starting tonight!” and crowd goes wild — WOW! AMAZING! SPEARHEADING DYNAMIC PARADIGM SHIFTS CROSS-PLATFORM! But then the leak happened, and everyone started panicking and making strange decisions. If the plan was to have digital distribution rights from the beginning, I bet they had to air the episodes that had already leaked for some sort of contractual reason to do with funding/advertising/etc + contract partners.

Sorry for the ramble. My 2 cents. I haven’t worked directly in animation (though friends have), but the game industry AND the VFX industry both operate in remarkably similar ways, so I think I’m in a position to give a bit of insight. And just like those two industries, who gets screwed over by the executives and marketing making poor decisions? The content creators.


*hugs to the creative team*

Baby: F-f-f-
Mom: Oh, dear! The baby is about to finally say something! Come on baby, you can do it
Mom: Yeah, I know right




Well this helped cheer me up.

❝ You’re not unreliable - your health is. ❞

- shout out to all my chronically ill people who get shit for being late, for cancelling, because their health prevents them, and feel like jerks because of it. It’s not your fault. (via sickfacemcgee)




I’m laughing so hard because “Catch a brand new episode you can’t see online or anywhere else” has literally been their catchphrase in all the promos this season what are they gonna say now like “Hey kids we were just messin with you log on to nick.com to see a brand new Korra that you can’t see on your TV or anywhere else!”



❝ incoherent grumbling ❞

- entire legend of korra fandom  (via lcainora)

I am really disappointed in how Nick handled this season of Korra. But then again so are the rest of you. Gonna sit here and fume until we have news about what will happen to our babies.





every girl can relate to this okay


10000% done


I think the funniest thing is guys thinking a big dick is better.

Yo, some girls can’t even take a full 6 Inches because it hurts, what do you think 11 Inches would do. Jesus christ.

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